Report to Hikers: week of March 26-April 1


Hello Hikers!


Wed March 28

Road walk in Enfield and Newfield  —  Woodard, Stone House, Van Ostrand and Burdge Hill roads

The storm that dropped a half-inch of rain overnight ended just as we got to the trail head

It was exceptionally nice in the aftermath  —  calm, misty, a lovely mildness to the air  —   the ditches were full of runoff and there were blackbirds singing in the abandoned and overgrown farm fields  —  it felt like spring had suddenly popped

We were in a very quiet area tucked in the SW corner of Treman SP  —  a very pleasing mix of occasional houses, woods, overgrown fields and actively maintained fields

After a while the terrain starts to rise and we began to get some great distant views

Without comparing notes or talking about it at all, Tiger and I both decided we would love to live on Woodard Road amid the raggedy old fields

Official head count:  11H, three D

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Jack V


Saturday March 31

Road walk in Brooktondale  —  Braley Hill Road, Chestnut Road and Bailor Road

Official head count:  21H, five D

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Jack V


Sunday April 1

Lick Brook from Town Line Road, Danby

Official head count for the hike:  28H, eight D

Easter party at Hobit’s

A few people who hiked couldn’t make it to the get-together  —  but quite a number of people who didn’t hike showed up  —  Hobit solved the  problem of congestion in the kitchen by moving the food down to the living room

Very nice festive vibe

More photos:

Jack V