Report to Hikers: week of April 9-April 15


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday April 11

Smiley Hill Road, Hill Road and the FLT, Danby SF

There’s no painless way to get up the steep hill on the east side of Michigan Hollow Road at this popular hike trail head (Diane’s Crossing)  —  but there is an easier way and a harder way ….

After a few seconds of discussion, we chose the easier way, up Smiley Hill Road

It’s not that easy, actually  —  like walking up Buffalo Street into Collegetown or walking up Gunshot Hill to Cornell  —  but it beats the hairy alternative, climbing up the FLT

You come out onto Hill Road right near the end of the part that’s maintained  —  very pleasant stretch

Then Hill turns into a classic woods road  —  fun, but you need to watch your footing in spots

We decided to vary the way back to the cars and come back through the forest on the FLT  —  better and more dramatic scenery, and of course it’s pretty much effortless in the downhill direction

I like it when I can get a shot that hints at a story  —  here’s what’s going on in this one:   Elizabeth is holding everyone back so a hiker out front can finish a pit stop ….

Official head count:  16H, three D


Saturday April 14

Bald Hill Road, Danby SF

We rarely get the chance to hike in fog  —  I love the mood it creates

I tried an atmospheric group shot —  three hikers not shown …..

After a while, Jim decided we should have a group shot that included me  —  I always duck out of these, but he seemed determined, so I went along

We hit the junction with Michigan Hollow Road just as it was time to turn around  —  I thought the light was really nice, so this called for another commemorative group shot

The same three hikers were still behind us and didn’t make this photo either

Lovely morning

Official head count:  17H, three D


Sunday April 15

Buttermilk Falls SP  —  rim trail and Bear Trail

Official head count:  20H, four D

More photos:

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