Report to Hikers: week of April 16-April 22


Hello Hikers!


Wednesday April 18

New loop trail, Danby SF

We set out pretty much planning to do a standard ‘walk-in, turn around, walk-back’ hike on two familiar trails, the FLT past the Chestnut lean-to and the north leg of the Abbott Loop  —  but then when we were part way up the Abbott Loop leg, we decided to push on instead of turning around  —  that way we’d reach Bald Hill Road and then be able to follow that north right back to the cars  —  creating a true loop.

Big success!  —  many of our regulars prefer a loop walk to an in-and-out one in principle  —  now this new loop can become a regular part of our repertory.  It also solves a strenuousness problem  —  the walk up the north leg of the Abbott Loop is very attractive but a certified killer  —  now we can start the loop by walking down this killer segment  —  we’ll come back up to Bald Hill Road on the much easier Chestnut lean-to trail.

Of course this isn’t actually a “new” loop at all  —  it’s been sitting there in front of our noses all along  —  I just failed to notice it for many years

Official head count:  16H, two D


Sat April 21

Kennedy SF, Virgil

Official head count:  25H, four D


Sunday April 22

4 Mile Loop, Connecticut Hill WMA  –  with Dave G

Official head count:  28H, seven D