Report to Hikers: week of May 7-May 13


Hello Hikers!


Wed May 9

Shindagin Hollow SF  —  gorge rim trail and trillium displays on lower Shindagin Hollow Road

Official head count:  23H, three D

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Sat May 12

Monkey Run Natural Area, south side of Fall Creek  —  Varna

It was really hard to know whether we’d get rained out of this hike or not  —  turned out to be a gorgeous morning  —  the period when the spring greenery comes up here is probably the nicest time of year for this walk

Shortly after I took this photo, I fell down  —  I may have caught my foot in a root snag, I’m not sure  —  toppled straight down and hit with my head first  —  strained a number of muscles  —  Tiger and I abandoned the hike and I tottered back to the car with help from Casey

Official head count:  12H, three D


Sunday May 13

Shindagin Hollow Road east to South Road on the FLT past the lean-to

I was too sore to hike, so Tiger took all the official photos.  We’re going to share the photo-taking in the future  —  my balance is impaired and Tiger thinks I scramble around too much going after the photos, increasing the chance I could trip and fall again

This was the first time Tiger photographed a hike, and I think she did a great job.  I’m looking forward to seeing future shots from her.  She did hit one technical problem  —  it was the first time she used my camera and she unknowingly activated a tiny button that made many of the shots come out overly dark  —  I lightened them up at home but they’re still a little dark.

Official head count:  25H, three D

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Jack V


Our nature photographer Jack V is just back from a trip to a base camp in the Himalayas  —  check out his shots