Report to Hikers: week of May 14-May 20


Hello Hikers!


Wed May 16

Ellis Hollow Nature Preserve

This was Tiger’s second hike as the official photographer  — I tore my rotator cuff in a fall last weekend and I stayed home to take it easy.

I always like to start a hike with a candid action shot of the hikers as they stampede in unison for the trail on the “Go” signal, ideally looking energized and cheerful and generally like they’re having fun.  But you need to be out in front of them before they start, and then to scramble and take multiple shots as the group moves ahead.  This is often one of the few times when everyone is together, so it’s a good moment.

Unfortunately someone was talking to Tiger and the group suddenly started, leaving her behind.  In that case you tend to get trapped in the rear in a single line of people, and all you can photograph is their backs, an extremely uninteresting shot.  In the photo above, Tiger had finally managed to work her way up the line and she managed to make it into an action shot  —  it has an element of “You are there” feeling to it  —  it’s not just a dull plodding line

She finally got into decent position for some different action shots ….  took her a long time

Time for a group shot (though not everyone was present).  You can see Jim’s shot immediately below  —  Jack V’s version is in his album here

Official head count:  21H, three D

More photos:


Jack V


Sat May 19

Rained out


Sun May 20

Malloryville countryside northeast of Freeville  —  with Bob B

All the photos were taken by Tiger

Fantastic atmospherics  —  it was sprinkling on the way to the trail head and when we stepped off  —  but it soon stopped, and the air, which was blowing up from the south, had a wonderful Gulf Coast quality to it, mild and sweet

150-year-old RR trestle over Fall Creek, which you can see in the lower right corner

Giant beaver dam  —  always an adventure to cross

Entering the distinctive Malloryville bog ….  the wooden walkways can be treacherously slippery

Official head count:  14H, one D