Report to Hikers: week of May 21-May 28


Hello Hikers!


All the photos in this report were taken by Tiger


Wed May 23

Rural road walk  —  Bower Road from Burr Road west into the Finger Lakes National Forest, NW  of Perry City

If you’re into country settings, this stretch of road is extraordinarily nice.  The landscape and terrain are wonderfully satisfying  —  and we caught some great conditions  —  the birds were singing and the sun was at a dramatic angle and it was mild but not hot ….

Unless you venture out into these off-the-track places, you simply can’t get the experience just following your regular routines

Official head count:  15H, four D

More photos:

Jack V


Sat May 26

Texas Hollow SF, Bennettsburg

Official head count:  18H, four D


Sun May 27

Brunch at Katharine and Scott’s, Danby

It was raining pretty hard on our way to the brunch and I couldn’t help but wonder if the dreary weather would cause people to stay home and put a damper on the get-together

We were stuck inside at first  —  it was cheery but the view out the window was melancholy and dull

I shouldn’t have given way to gloomy thoughts!  The rain turned light and intermittent pretty soon and it was lovely

Forty people showed up by 1 pm and there was a great festive vibe.  The party kept going long after Tiger and I left.  Final head count:  48  —  one of our bigger get-togethers


Monday May 28

Forest road walk  —  Curtis Road from Hill Road to Fischer Settlement Road, Danby SF


It was already oppressively warm and humid in Fall Creek at 9 when we left for the trail head  —  but the temperature fell steadily as we climbed into the Danby hills and the meet-up was shrouded in delightfully cool mist and a little fog

By the end of the walk the sun was out and the air had cleared  —  it was hot and oppressive in the woods too

Official head count:  27H, four dogs

More photos:


Jack V