Part 2 — Weekly Report To Hikers June 4-June 10



Hello Hikers!


I mistakenly sent out part 1 of this report Sunday morning while the Sunday hike was going on. Here’s the missing info.


Sun June 10

South leg of the Abbott Loop, from Michigan Hollow Road to The Pinnacles, Danby SF


This rugged hike was specially requested by Roz (in front), who was having a birthday, and who wanted some strenuous exercise to mark the day.  Her enthusiasm was catching  —  2/3 of the group raced all the way to the lookout, something our group hasn’t done for a long time.











The people who charged up to the top moved very fast, but weren’t able to finish the round trip in 2 hours  —  they ran about 20 minutes over.

Official head count:  22H, 6 D

All photos in this report were taken by Tiger.

More photos :


Speaking of Annie, I failed to link to her photos from Saturday’s hike in Shindagin Hollow when I prematurely posted part 1 of this weekly report.Here are here Saturday photos.