Report to Hikers September 25 – October 1

Wednesday September 27

South Hill Rec Way/Six Mile Creek, south side, rim trail, Ithaca

Hike report and photo by Jim

Nineteen hikers met on Crescent Place in Ithaca for a hike of the trail system next to the South Hill Recreation Way. This is hike #2 on our list of hikes.

Conditions were good, with cool temperatures and lots of sunshine throughout the hike. Starting out from Crescent Place, we were on the South Hill Rec Way for only a few minutes before turning onto the trail system. Along the way, we visited the old stone stairs and the overlook area for Second Dam.

Water flow in the stream crossings and ravines was minimal. The trail eventually reconnects with the South Hill Rec Way closer to Burns Road. Most of the group walked out and back on the Rec Way toward Burns Road to use up a few minutes before we retraced our steps along our outbound route.

Eventually, we took a side trail to drop down to stream level opposite the wildflower preserve. After that, a quick climb back to the Rec Way returned us to our cars. Today’s hike ran past our normal duration by around five minutes.

A warm welcome to Victor on his first hike with the group!

Saturday September 30

Connecticut Hill, Newfield

Hike report by Nancy L.

On Saturday, 25 hikers and three dogs gathered at the junction of Boylan and Lloyd Starks roads for a group picture on a misty, cool morning. After the photo, we began by hiking up Boylan Road, passing a pond and crossing a creek before turning left to take a trail into the woods.

The trail was covered with pine needles yet easy to follow as we traversed the hillside above the creek, following the creek’s course downhill.  The trail itself reached its highest point in about a half a mile before heading downhill to Carter Creek Road. 

Here we turned right, taking the road until we turned onto a trail down to Carter Creek.  After crossing the creek, we followed an old carriage road up to the ruins of a large homestead before retracing our steps back to the road. 

We followed the road in the other direction and crossed the creek that we had taken downhill, and then turned onto a trail heading uphill on the other side. We were treated to a closeup of the beaver pond nestled among pine trees at the top of the creek before we headed back to the cars.

Photo by Jim

Photos by Nancy L. and Randy O.

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Photos by Leigh Ann

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Sunday October 1

Finger Lakes Trail in Danby State Forest from S. Danby Road to the Tamarack Lean-To

Hike report by Jim

On Sunday morning, 21 hikers and two dogs hiked on the FLT from South Danby Road to the Tamarack Lean-to and back. This is hike #23-1 on our website.

The day was sunny but cool overall. Under the forest canopy, it was brighter than some of our recent hikes. The trail is mostly a gradual climb from South Danby Road, the FLT footpath repeatedly crisscrossing the snowmobile trail. We encountered minimal mud today. For most of this hike, a deep layer of old pine needles lies underfoot. A fresh layer of recently fallen leaves blanketed the trail in places. That, plus the general ambiance of the woods this hike passes through, makes this one of my personal favorite hikes.

Beyond the seasonal portion of Trayvor Road, the footpath begins a gradual descent until it reaches the lean-to. I wrote a quick entry in the journal there, and hikers who were new to this location spent a few minutes exploring the lean-to. After that, we started the return leg of our hike, which went quickly thanks to the trail’s gentle descent.

Most of us arrived back at the cars a few minutes early. Thanks to June M. and Lincoln for leading the group on both the outbound and return legs of the hike.

Photo by Jim

Photos by Leigh Ann